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Geeks on Steroids

Geeks on Steroids

Geeks on Steroids

Introduction to Geeks On Steroids

Change or Die?

“Hello, how can I help you?”

“For the last couple months every potential client that’s come through the door has backed out at the last minute.  Today I found out why.  The x-husband of one of my clients has posted a bunch of lies about me online.  Can you help?”

It’s a month before Christmas and on the other end of the phone line is an attorney.  A guy that has spent 7 years and over a hundred thousand dollars to become an attorney and he’s about to be put out of business by a guy he beat in court.

Welcome to the world of reputation management.  Where people, employees, x-employees, competition and in this case a guy you beat in court determines whether you stay in business.  It’s a ruthless game that can kill a business faster than anything else.

The world has become a place where attackers have gained the upper hand, and their victims are at a disadvantage.

This guy learned the hard way; Reputation management is the lifeblood of your businesses.

Reputation Management

Reputation Management

It used to be that people trusted you based on what you said.  But now people are more likely to research you and believe what others say about you.

It’s not about this guy.  And I am sure he’s an awesome attorney.  But you see how little that means now?

Here’s a guy that gave up all the fun things in life to chase a dream.  He worked and studied 20 hours a day 7 days a week.  And he was taken down by a drunk that beat and abused both his wife and kids.

I realize that the world I once knew is gone, and will never return.

Large companies are over taxed, and can no longer afford to hire large staffs.  Companies are investing in technology and calling employees partners, as they get rid of the low-end employees and seek to appease the best in their field.  It doesn’t matter if your selling sleep mask pillows or are multi-million dollar trial attorney like Scott Ferrell we are all feeling the change.

These jobs are never coming back.

Unions, government overspending, class conflict, and tensions created by the government have seen to this.  I don’t think I’ll ever see a world like the one I grew up in.  But then who wants the low-pay, low-prestige, low-dignity, and low-benefit jobs?

Big businesses are rebranding to look more personal, roughed-up, de-branded and given a homely, independent and authentic look.  The old look is a haunting reminder of the flush times that are now gone.

Too make it you’ve got to change. 

You have to free yourself from rules, tight systems and narrow-mindedness.    

Being successful is about developing your own style and not following someone else’s.

The world has been Googled.  We don’t search for information, we “Google” it.  Type a question in the Google search box and do what 88,000,000,000 people do in one month.

(according to SEARCH ENGINE LAND, FEBRUARY 2010 report)

Got a date tonight or looking for an attorney for some family legal problems, Google them.

No company rather it be traditional media, newspapers, magazines, book publishers, television, Hollywood studios, advertising agencies, telephone companies, or Microsoft inspires more fear in the heart of people or businesses than Google.

There is a reason to fear Google.

Google has become the “Evil Empire” that every industry and person fears.  Google’s leaders are not cold businessmen; they are much worst, they are cold engineers.  Google believes they have a mission to change the world.

But then who wants to spend time whining about Google?

That time is better spent creating an offense against Google.  After all I could go on all day about privacy practices, newspapers filling bankruptcy and in-depth journalism being endangered.

I could talk about profit margins of book publishers being squeezed along with their commitment to serious authors, or even how broadcast television networks dilute their programming with less expensive reality shows.  I could talk about how cable news networks ignore the fact that Google is changing the definitions of community and privacy as well as how people read and process information.

Don’t be evil doesn’t mean anything when you are dealing with algorithms.  Algorithms that try and understanding your intent and a company that questions everything and believes in acting without asking for permission for anything.

With Google you can do all the right things and make all the right decisions and still lose.

No one attempts to verify what is or isn’t true.  One of, if not the easiest things to do is to destroy someone’s reputation, and one of the hardest things you’ll ever deal with is trying to get it back.

Understanding the enemy.

Sites like ripoffreport, pissedconsumer, complaintsboard and so on only want their content to rank.

The harder you work on driving traffic to your site the more money these sites make.  Since most people never pay attention to their business name and spend more time letting people know about their business, these companies get a free ride.

To make the problem worst these sites have become a power house and aren’t easy to push out of the top spots.

And if that’s not bad enough, Google’s new algorithm hits your site with a penalty for having one of these sites show up in the top ten for your name.

These guys fill the Internet like a virus and suck the life out of hard working businesses.

They kill passion.

Passion is energy.  Passion is an emotional state that compels you to act.  Passion comes from pain, anger, sadness, confusion, fear and happiness.

These websites are designed to make money from someone else’s hard work, with little to no effort from the site owners.  Websites designed to rank for your name, your businesses name, your products name and even your employees name.

The business owner spends his time teaching people about his product.  While the parasite sells advertising to his competition and ranks for his products name.

Eventually this will kill any business.

Reputation management is actually a combination of search engine optimization and social media marketing.  Reputation management is about getting bad stuff off Google — and good stuff on.  Reputation management is about getting the search engines to show what you want them show about you and your business.